Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Great ebay seller

I met a lady by the name of Sandra, quickly we became friends, her daughter goes to the same school my daughter goes to. Well one day we were talking and she mentioned a nail hardener that she gets from Colombia called QUIMICA ALEMANA that she sells, so she had me try some on, all I can say is WoW, it left my nails looking great. Here is her info, definitely check out her ebay site, ebay ID's are sanjiejohn & just4nails, she also sells other products such as Nail Polishes Dryer, Cuticle Treatment, Solvent Solution and Base & Top Coat, here are some pics, so you can get an idea of what she sells, also if you want to contact her for any questions you might have, or want to view more pics, her e-mail is sfarahrod@hotmail.com. She also gave me her number, just in case you would like to speak to her in regards to any items she sells, 407-760-7764. Si hablas espanol.

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Helen said...

Ohhhh I'll have to check this out.

Poetry for your soul

So far away in a distance, so much in my head, of loving memories and everything I ever said.

Thoughts flowing by, I wonder why, I look up above and see the stars in the sky, feeling mighty high of this love I have inside, so much I cannot deny.

So far away I see the memory of you and me, united we can be, our everlasting symphony.


I thought this was cute!!!

I thought this was cute!!!