Saturday, June 28, 2008

I wrote this to someone I love in need of knowing they are not alone and I felt so good in my conviction, that I wanted to share it.

I feel the longing in your soul, the emotion deep within your eyes, and the despair lurking between your cries. Remember the love we have for each other, even though we share some feelings alike, our life tends to smother. Love stands strong, even when it fails us, but one day we will all live in harmony. The demons will lose grip and fall underneath our feet and back where they belong, and our minds free of deepening scars, and let us all be each other's comfort, love and persistence of love will prevail.

upside down..

Poetry for your soul

So far away in a distance, so much in my head, of loving memories and everything I ever said.

Thoughts flowing by, I wonder why, I look up above and see the stars in the sky, feeling mighty high of this love I have inside, so much I cannot deny.

So far away I see the memory of you and me, united we can be, our everlasting symphony.


I thought this was cute!!!

I thought this was cute!!!